Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I have really grown this year as a person, a student, and as a technology user. Coming into this year, I had nothing of experience with any technology besides the internet and power point. This year I have learned, and I’d say mastered keynote. I have grown as a person, becoming more confident. Last year my teacher took my confidence down a lot. Also as a student, this program has really made me dig out the ideas from those hard to reach places, and put my everything into my project.

I am really proud of my Thematic Causes of the Civil war project. If you haven’t seen the new one you would say mine was bad, well I agreed. So I redid my project and this time I liked it. I put in hours of time into my second project, and the outcome surprised me a lot.

The most challenging project of the year was the Lorax. First for Mrs. Binder’s class we had to write our poem, and then make a movie of it. It wasn’t my hardest project, but I think it was by a long shot the hardest project.

My favorite project was a tie between the opening scene and the Thematic Causes. Both of these projects I got to express myself and my ideas in a appropriate manner. The opening scene was based off a secret agent base, while the Thematic Causes I made about a bear (Bearlock Holmes) and his assistant (Watcub) who had to solve the mystery of who started the civil war.

My hopes for the second semester is to have projects that can let go of everyones inner self, and have all projects that we enjoy. I also hope to continue getting good grades and performing the best I can. The first half was the most fun, and the most learning I have had. I can’t wait for the second half of the DLC!